Posted by: trish alexander | April 30, 2013

Getting up and dusting off

back on skatesAfter writing the last post I realize that if you haven’t seen me lately, you don’t know that I’m fully recovered. Uh, a small challenge with my shoulders and arms, but I’m back skating, dog walking and working full time. I’m fully recovered.
It was fun to watch it happen. Without expectations I just let it happen. Didn’t push it, although the first time I skated for ten minutes my feet couldn’t lift the skates so I could only swizzle around the rink and my lungs felt like they had a brick on them. I didn’t care about the skating, I just wanted a bench marker and I got it. Each day I could see improvement.
I still have a surgery that needs to happen next month, I’ll be off skates between 2-6 weeks depending on the method of the surgery. The hysterectomy is an attempt to keep any chance of a mass returning. Because they never found out why any of this happened, despite numerous follow up tests, the doc wants to be sure I have the best chance of not having this similar ordeal return.
So, I’m back, different, better in personal ways, healthy and skating in ways that makes me cry.

Photo: My first skate, post-hospital, and more than 15 pounds lighter


  1. Glad to hear your doing so much better, keep at it and it will all come back to you soon.

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