Finding time to skate

I am the most fortunate person in the world: I get to skate for a living. I used to work at a law firm, as a trial paralegal & a private detective but I found that I was always working on creating new skate classes, setting up skate events and getting out and skating for myself. I am not skating enough for myself anymore and that has just got to stop!

I just completed the best leadership course (and the most difficult course I’ve ever taken): Introduction Leaders Program through Landmark. One of the great things I learned is that I take on too little and do not expect enough of myself. My capacity is much greater than I believed it to be but…. and there is always a but: I need to set up structures that will allow me to live a bigger life.


So I’ve created a magnetic scheduler that allows to set up my day with all the types of events, projects, tasks, work that I want to shoehorn into every day. I don’t know where I got the idea on what the scheduler would look like, it just popped into my head and as I’ve been sick with a cold for a week, I spent a little time on each day and it’s now drying in the ‘sun’ (clouds) waiting to be used.

My goal is to skate at least one day a week for myself, for fun. I already skate every Saturday and Sunday at our weekly skate classes and that is joy. But I’m not skating enough, or getting enough exercise. I’ve created a variety of options for moving that will match my energy level, my time constraints and they type of aerobic exercise I need for the day.  When I wake up each morning, I’ll greet the day with a cup of coffee, two silly puppies and set up my day for success with fun, fitness, projects, task lists and accomplishment.

I’ve been teaching skating since 1996 and skating for a living since 2000, this is not a whim. Neither is my life. Skating is not a whim. It’s a life worth living.

Send me your thoughts. I’ll put it on my calendar to post more often. I miss these posts.


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