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Trish on Skates, is not about skating but about why skating is important, what the community is up to and how anyone can help. This blog will also offer tangible information, maybe how to do more advanced moves, or where you can find additional sources of skate education.  It is my hope that you might find a nugget of info to make you a better skater.

While a Blog is about how you feel about a topic, and this one will be no exception, my goal is to connect the greater skate community for fun, for more opportunities and because it is what we are doing right now so why not be present, just now.

People who know me know that I have a fairly big personality and with that comes an ego. However, I have learned over the last decade that my purpose in life is not to build my ego but rather to use my ability to gather people on skates, at the skate school, or on the web for a greater good. It’s all about people, not individuals, certainly not me.  I have had a leadership role in skating (and fly fishing and the french club and the church choir, etc.) for reasons I don’t quite understand. It is difficult for me to put myself out there publicly, to set myself up for criticism, gossip and public failure. But for some reason, again I don’t know why, I just keep doing it.  But as Fran Lebowitz said:

No one ever said, “Things are perfect. Let’s invent fire.”


  1. my name is bob, 53 from lex ky. i just saw your art on online planet. anyway, been skating for about 16 yrs after health issue forced me out of running (a blessing now), taught myself to skate (not a blessing, haha). been member of local northend YMCA for almost ten years; workout/ then skate the my neighborhhood; until they put in legacy trail next to the Y in 10/10. this thin is incredible. 15 miles; 12 ft wide; goes from intown(Y) to ky horse park; goes through some horse farm areas. here is my reason to blog to you. no one skating this path (i seen maybe 6 people in 2 yrs); cept me (i do about 50 miles a week). the bike people look funny at me as wiz by on my 100mm’s; espc when hard to catch up to me; haha. after a 2 yrs
    i caught the attention of the people at the Y skating out to path and back to shower etc.. they asked if local paper could do story on my skating. Story and pics come out this week. i want to promote skating,but my skiing (my 1st love) reminds me i’m not a teacher. the Y is in the lower inc side of town; comm center of sorts; i’d like to get some of these kids here to skate; local rink says they have old inventory of skates to help kick start. the article gives Y email if people want to maybe learn. if i get much response i may ask your advice; you obviously love the sport as i.

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