Skating to the next level

Skating is just one of those great opportunities in life, it’s like being an angel on wheels. But what about more?

Good ideas for taking your skating to the level:

  1. Add a new discipline. If you trail skate, try quad skating (or stairs, slalom, ramps, ice, artistic, hockey or indoor speed)
  2. If you haven’t tried a half or whole marathon yet, give it a go, they are so rewarding
  3. Join a group. From meet up to trail clubs, look for it and you will see
  4. Take a lesson from someone better. Nuff said
  5. Learn to teach. If you truly want to be a better skater then learn to teach.  When you have to break the moves down to three simple steps, you will REALLY learn to skate. Try to teach someone how to tie their shoe in three easy steps (five is better). Now, if you think you can, tell them they have to turn their back to you so they cannot see you demonstrate. When you do this, you will see the value
  6. Get on You Tube and find videos of cool moves and learn them
  7. Read Inline Planet regularly and look for something that is new to you and try it or improve on it

Skating is so fun but sometimes it becomes boring, and when this happens, realize the plethora of opportunites we have with skating.

So many skates, so little time.

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