Posted by: trish alexander | May 13, 2013


The body is amazing. Just 60 hours out of surgery and I can perform amazing feats like getting out of bed. The stomach muscles, your core, are responsible for ambulating. You figure that out when they put four incisions in your stomach and robotically remove parts of your body which arrived when you were born.  Within hours I could feel the healing.

Our bodies know what to do when we give them the chance. But here is the mystery: why after getting very sick did the body not only heal but it increased in energy, ability and kindness.. While I can’t claim to be more kind, only you can, I feel it. My energy level has been higher than I can remember, at least in a decade. I am’ new and improved’ in so many ways.

How do you account or that?  Maybe following my passion, seeing my path clearly and doing what was needed is finally paying off.  Maybe but I think not.

It is, I think, because of the kindness of others. Donations of more than $6,000 to help me. Friends taking shifts to stay with me, doing my work while I’m down, coming over to chat, participating in the talent show event and oh so much more. There is no mystery, it is not that my kindness is elevated, it was that I saw the kindness of others tenfold. I rose to the level I was shown. Thanks to all of you for the hand up.


  1. You’re truly Amazing and being the fit and strong woman you are, bouncing back was simply like skating around the corner for you!
    Keep rolling and rolling our Liz and thank YOU for keeping skating wonderful!

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