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Skate Instructor Association Videos. (

Here are the first five moves if you are interested in becoming a certified instructor. The Cross-over has been switched to Parallel Turns.  Crossovers do show up in the skills at which you need to show some proficiency:  Video #1   There are also further demonstrations by two instructors Taylor & Sophia of the same moves: Video #2  and a third video on how to correct some of the moves: Video #3 (covers mohawks, crossovers etc.)

K2, Skate University 101 videos: Here are ten moves on skates (inline) which are then strung together in a series of combinations:

1.)  All moves linked

2.) The Swizzle

3.) Alternating Swizzles

4.) Slalom (ski variety)

5.) One foot slalom

6.) Mohawk

7.) Backward cross-overs (in a circle)

8.) Spiral

9.) Toe roll (and a bit of a pivot for flavor)

10.) Forever cross-overs

11.) Cross behinds

If you can already do many of these moves, you might consider becoming an instructor! Enjoy

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