Posted by: trish alexander | October 10, 2014

The play’s the thing. (Shakespeare)

learning-to-ride-bikeWhen you were a baby and you learned to walk, do you think you were compelled to walk, do you think it was a goal, or did you simply just do it? As you moved from crawling to grabbing onto the coffee table and standing for the first time was it a goal or did it come from some place deeper in you?
I think what makes learning to skate so fun and enticing for people is that it is a chance to be playful, to learn something that is not bookish, but is simply fun. When people think of learning to skate, I suspect it it is more about the prospect of recess than anything else.
Learning to skate and then skating for a lifetime is about a commitment to playfulness. An agreement within yourself that life is not always necessarily serious. There exists a playground for creativity and skating brings that out–in you.
Learning to skate as an adult is a new dance, a fresh start. Although most people initially resemble Bambi on ice with feet splayed out in every direction, it is still fun, challenging and has a joy that you once captured in your childhood…like grabbing onto the coffee table and standing for the first time, or learning to ride your bike without the training wheels.
While your adult self sees these transitions as methodical and a process, when you achieved those two things you felt young, happy, joyful and you achieved something that you will always have.
Learning to skate fills a deep place in your soul. An agreement you made when you were a kid that you’d feel this way forever. Playing, whether it is skating, climbing, hiking or skiing is the remembrance of your youth, when you tried things without purpose, without goal, without expectation.
When you skate it’s like recess and recess means carefree fun, freedom from work, movement, skipping, hopscotch and monkey bars. It’s pure joy, it comes from somewhere very deep and when you visit that place, oh, do you love your life.
So go skate, or ride your bike, or climb that wall. Go Play. It’s the thing.

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