Posted by: trish alexander | May 21, 2014

Improving your skating through private lessons

If you want to improve any aspect of your skating, consider taking a private lesson. While most private lessons happen in person, they can easily be done online.  Naomi Grigg, Skate IA Slalom Instructor Extraordinaire, recently helped someone out via Skype (or Google Hangouts) on some wicked aspect of a slalom move.  This is such great news: you don’t have to live near an instructor to hire one.

I’ve done a number of online private lessons and look forward to doing more. I’m also trying to get regular, weekly online lessons set up for groups.  I can do a Google Hangouts lesson, (or Skype) or one in person, contact me to teach you, or help you find the perfect person for what you are looking for.

Skate Instructors Association offers a list of Certified Skate Instructors who can help you. You can be sure that those listed on the Search Engine are current members, highly trained and very professional. They can easily break down the various moves into small steps that can allow you to digest the information in the way you learn.  They are each trained on the various learning styles (watchers, thinkers, doers & feelers) they have a terrific command of the Teaching Model and have shown a talent for skating by passing their skill tests. There are currently two levels with Skate IA, Level 1 is our beginning instructors and Level 2 are our higher level instructors who have passed the more rigorous skills exam (backward cross-overs, hockey stops, etc). Also, we now have a group of our instructors who are also Slalom Certified, so if you are looking for that aspect, then search online for that level of training.

You can spend hours even years trying to get a move, but I am confident that even just a few minutes with a Certified Skate IA Instructor can change your skating for the better.

They can help you understand which edge you should be on and why (your strongest edge is the outside edge wherein your little toe is closer to the ground than the big toe), they can help you with your form (ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips over skates for the basic form) and they can help you shave years off your learning curve with just a few tidbits of information.

The beauty of skating is in its efficiency. In the proper edge, the proper knee bend and the proper rotation, can be found the grace that attracted you to the sport. It’s nearly impossible to find grace without some feedback from someone else who knows enough to give you the kind of feedback you need to be the best skater you can be. Your Instructor can!

Hire an instructor for a private lesson, in person or online, and take your skating up to the next level. Click here for the instructor link. (And if you are already a good skater, consider becoming a certified Skate IA instructor because we need more, in more locations.) Skate IA gives you the tools you need to be a great instructor. Our membership has the best instructors!

Contact me here to help you find a lesson or an instructor, in person or online:  


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