Posted by: trish alexander | March 13, 2014

The year of skating dangerously

A year ago, March 12th I was driven to the emergency room at Virginia Mason and embarked on a crazy 8 days in CCU. I died, I came back, I skated, I broke my arm, I skated again. To everyone who supported my recovery from the Sepsis & the mass on my ovaries from the wonderful hospital staff to my family, friends and acquaintances who walked my dogs, walked with me and my oxygen tank and helped me pay my medical bills, a huge thank you.

I can easily say that I’m healthier than I’ve been in a dozen years. I’m off all medications I was taking even before the ER/CCU ‘vacation,’ I’m back in the gym daily, skating with more spring in my stride, my diet is healthier and my life is richer for all those who I get to spend time with.

Skate Instructors Association is finally really groovin’ and Skate Journeys Skate School is running well thanks to the plethora of new employees, solid board members and consistency of volunteer instructors & staff.

It’s been a truly terrific year and I am grateful to all of you for you energy, because nothing short of that could have made it all work.  Skating is a joy for it is challenging, always new, brings great people into my life and keeps me always working on balance. Falling is the occasional gift, for a life spent only upright is a life not well enough spent.

Thanks for giving me this year everyone.

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