Posted by: trish alexander | December 5, 2013

Falling down–okay, crashing down in a big heap.

_MG_7100_1It’s not a big deal, but I fell down. It’s good to fall, especially when there is a doctor on the rink who can assess what was going on. My elbow bent a new way. This is not the first time, it’s the second time. The first was when I fell off a bottle cap in my clogs at the hyrdro races. I was then, in 1979, inebriated enough that I should have fallen easily. But that is my curse, I fall hard and I broke my elbow in six places, er, the end of it broke in six pieces and they shaved off the tip of the bone and several months later it was better.

Xrays years later showed that what they cut out was supposedly my funny bone, and it grew back, but there was still a bend in it that was not natural, it looked like the bend in a bow where my elbow, when my arm hangs limp at my side, bows away from my body. I’m back to having a permanent bend again, now it is closer to a right angle, but it’s only been four days. It was just a strain on something in the elbow area.

The videos on landing and not landing a back loop are below.

It was all over a full back loop jump. I put on my new sexy Roller Derby compression crash shorts, which protect my tailbone, but I fell forward. I believe that if anyone else had fallen they would have simply slid, but I go down in a smashing, crashing heap. If you have ever seen Eddy Matzger do his “fall” he suddenly skates at high speed and with nothing more than skates, shorts and a helmet on his head,  he goes flying out, hovers over the ground like superman and then tucks and rolls. Me? It’s like it a me or the ground and I’m ready to do battle. I never win.

Naomi Grigg pondered how she falls. She suggested that learning to skate without pads meant that she had to learn to fall lightly.  I agree. We put all the pads on then we don’t learn how to really fall. Except that I learned to fall on ice and we slid, most of the time.  I remember tons and tons of falls when I was a figure ice skater and my father swore I bounced.

But thanks to Dr. Wu (Chao Ching) and all her assistants (good friends) at the rink on Sunday, two bags of ice, one wrap, ibuprofen two great cups of coffee while icing, and rest, I’m getting back to normal. I had to learn how to dress with one hand, bath the dogs with one hand and drive a stick-shift with 1.25 hands. It was just another way to live. For two days. Life is good when you skate, even when you fall. Life goes on, skates need to be skated.

Landing a loop video
NOT landing a loop video

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