Posted by: trish alexander | May 16, 2013

Palms, sand, smiles & a rink

Just found this post in my drafts…. hm, still works…. from November, 2012

Maui skate rinkI was lucky enough to spend 16 days in Hawaii with a couple of friends. While it was a partial working vacation, it left me enough time to snorkle once, watch the election coverage, walk on the beach every morning, meditate and catch some rays.

Next to spending time with my two friends, the best part was the rink on Maui in the Kehei area.  It’s officially the Maui Roller Hockey Association’s rink to manage and they use it for a solid hockey program but also as a fund raiser. In Hawaii most of the family activities are free such as the full sized community swimming pool and this rink. So you don’t pay to go, but if you borrow skates or buy snacks, the hockey association makes money.

The rink is incredible in so many ways. It’s just cement with bumpy seams, but still smooth enough for any move you want to try. It has an official scoreboard and basic hockey boundary ‘boards’ which line the rink like any major league rink.

It’s well lit, has a music system with the music coming out of speakers poised high over the rink, some adjacent to the flowing palms. They have three sessions a week, Wednesdays 6-8 and Friday/Saturday nights 6-9pm.  There are bleachers just outside the rink full of parents and friends chatting away. Families bring all sorts of food in including Shaka Pizza, an island favorite.

Must admit with only a few exceptions, the quality of skates used by everyone are poor-the only skate shop is a Sports Authority and given that few people would know the best skates to buy, it remains in my mind, the only thing lacking at the rink.

The rink sessions starts just about sunset, so get there a bit early and watch the light show.

It’s not to be missed if you get lucky enough to go to Maui. To skate on the beach in a rink at sunset is a reason to go to Maui.

Maui Inline Roller Skating Rink
1900 South Kihei Road
Kihei, HI 96753
ph. (808) 874-5655
3 public sessions each week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Double check via phone before going. Some gear and helmets available. Rental skates are inline but not high quality. But, they’ll do.

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