Posted by: trish alexander | December 31, 2012

There is no TRY, only DO

Those words were uttered by Travis Pastrana as written in an article in ESPN just after he did the unheard of Double Back Flip on his motocross motor bike.

I’ve always remembered his words, especially when teaching a move we call Cross-behinds.(video). The move is one where you start skating backwards and you take one wheelchair-backflip-1
foot and cross it behind the other. The challenge in this move lies in the requirement that all your weight must be on the back foot the minute you set it down. It’s a commitment that cannot be trifled with.

It’s the same with a waltz jump. Or any jump. Once you take off there is no try, only do. The penalty for a lack of commitment is of course gravity, in a heap.

As we cross over into the new year, I am committing myself to doing with intention. I’m going to practice falling first. (Starting on the grass. I need to be less afraid of falling at 52. So that as I do, I can commit and not be afraid to only try. After all, I have health insurance now.

I do fall. I don’t have to try at it.

Video: Travis’ You Tube Double Flip  Even though I know the outcome I am terrified for him. When he lands it I actually cry for joy, every time I see it.



  1. Hi Trish, I love reading your blog! Keep up the posts.

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