Posted by: trish alexander | January 17, 2012

How to send the skating blues away, part II

Keeping your skating fresh, fun and challenging is fairly difficult to do on a regular basis. If you marathon or indoor race, you likely set goals of diet and training on and off skates. But for many skaters who choose not to compete it is difficult to set goals and keep improving. As I noted in the previous post scaring yourself is helpful but there are also other ways:

1.) Read up on your discipline. Check out Amazon for good books on the subject, check out Inline Planet E-Zine & and see what other skaters are doing with their talents. You’ll find new moves, new technique and likely an enjoyable time reading about skating.

2.) Watch videos on Vimeo and YouTube. In the previous post I found a skater doing a one footed spin on inline skates and it was because of that video, I could do it. I am still working on it, trying to sneak up on that spin, but this kid inspired me. When I started inline skating at 34 I’d like to think I would have tried it before I saw it but at 51 I’m a tad more cautious. To be fair, I’ve done a ton of one footed scratch and sit spins with about 10 revolutions or so, but they were on PicSkates, and I’d like to replicate the spin on rockered skates.

3.) Try the moves in shoes. (As my friend Stacy learned, it’s not appropriate to do them in your socks). From aggressive to artistic, Racing to Slalom, Derby to rink skating, getting a sense of what the body feels like, or should, it very helpful.

Take time to study skating, as well as to enjoy skating.


  1. I stumble upon this blog wanting to find out more about inline skating. I am just starting out at this sport at 33, my gf is self taught but I may go the coaching way.

    Love the sharing. And thank you for sharing. =)

    • Joseph, thanks for the kind comment, please let me know if there are any aspects of skating that might help you specifically and I’m happy to write an entry. Trish

    • Joseph, I am also starting a separate site on learning to skate well and learning to skate. It will be out in about four months complete with videos. I’ll also be doing classes. Register on this site and I’ll send out news about this. Thanks so much for the kind comment., Trish

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