Posted by: trish alexander | February 11, 2011

Learning, small victories

I went skating yesterday afternoon. Two days before I was in Miami and it was 81 degrees, yesterday in Seattle it was 41 degrees. But the sun was shining and with the proper clothes it was the perfect time to skate.

Slalom Skating practice was the goal. I’m crappy at it, especially in comparison to  Jeremy and Naomi who live nearby (not to mention all the Skate Journeys Slalom skaters). Further, I just watched the entire “Mini Battle, Miami” and even the skaters who didn’t win were far beyond my skills.

So, okay, I’m not good, but I still enjoy it and from time to time I work on it. I like it because it’s difficult. I have to technically think about what I am doing: balance, rotation, edging, pressure.  I concentrate on one fundamental and another needs to be added but my brain is slow to follow two of the four fundamentals simultaneously.

I skate for about 45 minutes, small victories that no one could have seen but me. Skating is personal and learning for me is about the swoop of my edge, the effortless rotation if only lasting a nano second, the balance hitting my ‘block’ for such a short time even I almost missed it.

The small victories compel me to skate, my joy is found in my small victories. Learning. That is what I love, skating is the vehicle.


  1. Coucou Trish! Cest Matt & Sharon en France. On a juste a patiné a Barcelone et a pensé de toi. Dans les memes patins qu’on a appris avec toi. Bisous

    • I am so jealous, thanks so much for popping in. Maybe there will be an International vacation in my future…. have to come by and see your skating. Bisous bien sur! Patricia (in France, had to use my full name as ‘Trish’ didn’t translate too well. I love how much you are embracing your opportunities.

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