Posted by: trish alexander | February 9, 2011

Skating in the sun-Escape!

There is just no substitute for skating in the sun. For those of you in Seattle, or a northern clime you already know this.

I am sitting just 25 yards off the beach in Hollywood, Florida and I spent the day finishing up certifying another awesome skater to become an instructor, took a nice stroll, er, roll on the boardwalk and then took off my skates and laid in the late sun for an hour.

I know how fortunate I am and I encourage you to become fortunate as well. Plan a trip to a sunny place and skate. Miami is handy because it really has a wonderful beach trail that goes on for miles. Too often we get hooked into the usual places we skate whether it be rinks, or a specific trail or a specific tennis court.

Step out and roll the world. Zephyr Tours has trips to Amsterdam, Paris & Hilton Head. A bunch of skaters in the northwest organize a trip to the Coeur D’Alene Trail in Idaho. There are highly organized social skates in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington DC, to name a few. There are races in Texas, Atlanta, Duluth and well, many more. A good place to find all the events is InlinePlanet

Just consider skating somewhere else. You can skate the world, where do you want to skate?  Not only will see new places differently as you roll around, you will also meet new and wonderful people.

I forgot that my world could be bigger, but my trip to Miami for the Great EsSkate reminded me that I get to skate differently. And, the new people I met this week reminded me of the true wealth of the world.


  1. Hear-ye, Hear-ye.. me too!
    We have a few awesome slalom skaters a few hours away so this summer we’re all coming together for some learning (on my part) and since I introduced my skater community to “Slalom Stuttgart” I’ve found 2-3 skaters who want to learn!

    I got my new Igor’s but sadly haven’t been on them yet.. 5 weeks now w/a bad sciatica so waiting & watching vid’s to help me improve. Can’t wait to get out there.
    You just motivated me to get some Nordic walking sticks!

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