Posted by: trish alexander | January 31, 2011

Off Balance

Where does balance start?  Most skaters think it starts with the skates but it actually starts at the top.

For new instructors, I encourage you to stand far enough away to start looking for balance issues starting with the helmet. For the self taught skater, when working on a move, set yourself up for success by checking the direction of your helmet (eyes), where your shoulders and arms are, and what type of flex you have in your hips, your knees and your ankles.

Drop your head and your legs will open wide.  Chin up!

Keep your shoulders rolled forward and you will bend at the waist. Roll ’em back and lift the ribcage!

Keep your hands either down or swinging to and fro and you’ll fall backwards.  Arms in front of the lateral line of your body and keep ’em QUIET!

Bend forward and your legs will be straight and you can’t do anything. Stand tall, bend your knees softly.

When you skate, maximize your skating by doing a quick checklist: head up, shoulders back, arms in front, lift up your ribs, flex in all the right places and none of the wrong places.

Set yourself up for success. Make every stroke excellent, every rotation perfection, make every glide feel like you are flying. Start with your head and work your way down. And when you get to the feet go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! as your skates whirl like an angel’s wings flap when happy.


  1. Love the cow! Great tips too! I never really thought about my shoulders or rib cage. I will be sure to pay attention now….

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